You may be wondering why Q? Well we will tell you… It is all to do with our roots and in the beautiful land of Georgia where the founder Sulkhan Kiknadze is from, and initially started his craft.

Here you find beautiful Georgian influenced upholstery that is distinctively intricate in its detail, also innovative in its application across the range - hence the name Q- (Georgian Qartuli) style. This style is then integrated into traditional British upholstery practice bringing a unique Qartuli style twist to your bespoke handmade product. We look forward to hearing from you…


Q-Style Upholstery is a fusion of styles and a meeting of countries. Sulkhan Kiknadze, the founder is originally from Georgia but entered the trade in Siberia. In 2008 he moved to the UK and was employed by Lynplan Upholstery Limited - a busy and respected upholstery and tailored covers business located in Surrey. Working on furniture from all over the southern part of the UK and under the guidance of a number of the experienced professionals at Lynplan, Sulkhan honed his craft. Years on, as an independent Upholsterer, he offers the same focus on quality and service, directly to you.

You can be sure of a solid and bespoke product from Q-Style each time.

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Q-Style Upholstery uses high quality materials from the UK for strength and durability, with close attention to detail of design, frame and build. We also use handmade wool (Georgian felt) direct from the hands of Qeti Gagnidze that has strength, softness and allows for durable sofa and chair designs.

We take the best of both worlds to provide a distinct blend of quality and traditional craftsmanship that give you a bespoke product that will enhance your home or workspace.



We are pleased to offer FREE estimates and will visit your premises by appointment to assess the furniture or project. An appraisal for the work will be carried out. Different options will be considered and discussed with the customer to achieve the best results.

A detailed written estimate will be provided, giving a full description of all work to be carried out, including parts to be replaced where appropriate, the cost involved and the amount of fabric required. Timescale will be discussed to meet your expectations.


We have a considerable range of different fabrics and leathers available to browse through and are happy to assist you in choosing the right fabric and finishes. We can talk through how they can enhance your furniture.


We have gained many years experience working with different types of leather on domestic and contract projects. This enables us to offer good advice when it comes to the leathers available for your budget. We can recommend how to get the best out of your furnitures' leather for many years to come.


Q-Style Upholstery provides a professional loose cover making service with FREE estimates.

  • Covers can be made in traditional or contemporary styles.
  • We have a range of fabrics suitable for loose covers, including machine washable fabrics.

We can create your unique Q-Style Upholstery cover with embellished design from our Georgian artists.


  • We have many years of experience in traditional and contemporary bespoke furniture.
  • Personal preferences can be catered for, whether it is something in fabric or in leather.
  • We have the knowledge and understanding of how a piece of furniture functions.
  • We undertake work from furniture designers, architects, interior designers, project managers and private commissions.
  • Whether on a smaller or larger budget, we select the right materials to achieve the best results.
  • Our entire range of furniture can be adapted in style or size to suit your preferences.
  • We provide quotes with a full description, plan, time-scale and cost.


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Our cushion stuffing service is something that our customers are becoming increasing interested in. We can re-stuff with the filling of your choice. This can rejuvenate them, bringing your chair or sofa back to life.


  • Advice is available depending on the feel and firmness required. The pillow stuffing, also called ‘wadding’ or ‘batting’ can be either feather, fibre or foam.
  • Cushions for seat bases are often firmer and made from foam which also helps keep a desired shape. You may prefer fibre for corporate use and feather when at home.


  • It isn't only the covering on furniture that gets damaged. You may think that a sagging arm or a broken frame means you need to purchase a new suite. 
  • Structural damage to upholstered furniture will quickly have an adverse effect on the padding and covering materials, this type of problem should be addressed as quickly as possible.

To follow is a list of the repairs that we can do for you:

  • Failed seam repair
  • Replacement of cut and sewn parts
  • Padding adjustments
  • Seat cushion replacement
  • Internal frame repair
  • Loose or noisy seat and back springs
  • Reattachment of tufted buttons
  • Leather touch up


  • Handmade fabrics in different colours and patterns to give your sofa a unique look tailored to its surroundings. Option to provide fabric for our skilled artists to work with.


  • Handmade wool from Georgia or ‘Georgian felt’ from award winning Designer Qeti Ganidze. It is renowned for its strength, softness, durability and is unique.
  • Handmade decorative ornaments including earthenware bowls and jugs supplied by traditional Georgian craftsmen are available. These can provide a perfect accompaniment to your sofa.


  • Can be re-finished either by cutting back the finish and re-polished or stripped, stained and re-polished.
  • The finish may be oiled, waxed, spray finished or French polished. All these methods can be carried out by our highly skilled restorer on request.



"…Our Cintique chairs were returned to us earlier this month. We were delighted with the overall appearance of our "new" chairs which look as good, or even better, than they did 50 years ago when they were bought…" A&J M

"Mr C has phoned to say that they are delighted with their newly re-upholstered Ercol 478 chair"

"Customer called in to say he is over the moon with his furniture and asked me to pass on his comments to all concerned"


We are able to deliver in the Surrey and Sussex area within a 15 mile radius or you can pick-up from our showroom. Please let us know your preference on completion of works agreed.

However, all Q-Style Upholstery products are available for customisation in the fabric, timber and finish of your choice. We are able to accommodate certain specific requirements in size, finishing or detailing for all luxury furniture pieces. Your furniture will be handmade by our team and can be delivered to you in less than 5 weeks from receipt of all fabrics and agreed deposit. 


Q-Style Upholstery

Email: enquiries@q-styleupholstery.co.uk
Telephone: (01293) 410023 (answerphone)


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